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Ancient populations were looking up to take inspiration and strength, to look for God, to look for the unknown, to question our foundations. Who are we? Where do we come from? As Einstein said “never stop questioning”, try things out, search for the unknown. Having grown up in a high-rise, my early passion for learning about space was piqued as I looked up at the brilliant stars, wanting to fly among them. Since then, and into my adulthood, I have never stopped exploring in both, my personal life and professional career path and fighting to pursue my biggest dreams.

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About me

I was born into, and brought up in a multicultural family. Apart from looking up, exploring, dreaming, there was something else, another driving force, an inner impulse: I have always been driven by curiosity. I loved mathematics and physics, liked sketching and to experiment. Encouraged by my parents, I followed my passion for science, technology, and space and did my PhD in Engineering, in the field of microgravity research. In the last 10+ years, I led complex international aerospace projects with my life being always accompanied by music and sports. During my cultural discoveries, and traveling around the world, I have always had an eye for space, even in fashion and design.

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